Sunday, March 28, 2010


Until this year I haven't fully appreciated Springtime in Arizona. I think simply because it wasn't what I was used to. Springtime in Arizona is gorgeous! Let's face it, that's why everyone who lives here is able to look past those months when it's too hot to do anything. The desert does have a lot to offer in springtime. We have been outside a ton lately.

The kids have been enjoying riding their bikes

and skateboards

and Avie enjoys watching the kids on their bikes and skateboards, while drinking her milk. We have "fake" grass in our backyard, but we have the nicest, softest real grass in our front yard. It doesn't feel like spring without real grass.

I planted cucumber, strawberry and tomato in the grow boxes, so cross your fingers for me. In the front yard, I planted African Daisies, my favorite!

I have no idea what this tree is called but the purple blossoms smell amazing! We're enjoying springtime here in Arizona, and trying to take advantage of the milder weather before the scorching sun arrives. Even then, there's worse places to live. We love Arizona!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break Pt. 2

I'm sad Dan's spring break is over, but we had a good time and now Danielle is going to be having her spring break. A week of keeping an 8 year old entertained! That should be easy?!

We scored tickets to a Royals/Rangers game for a buck each! Yay, for good deals. It also just happened to be an absolutely gorgeous day! We had been wanting to catch a game for a while, so we had a great time, and Avie LOVED the merry go round. The lady who was running it got a tad distracted so she got a long ride. Good thing mommy wasn't on there, she would have been a little green.

I have been wanting to plant a garden since we have moved down here, so Dan decided to take a day to build me some grow boxes. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but they turned out great! They are so big, I don't know if I'll need that big a garden, or more importantly if I'll be able to get anything to grow!

This is a very accurate depiction of the day. Danielle is completely capable with that drill, it's scary. She loves hands-on projects just like her daddy.

Dan made me try the saw and good news, I still have all my fingers. It's intimidating!

The finished product.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Read

This little book has been my favorite thing I have bought for myself in a while. It's written by the same guys that wrote the restaurant guide "Eat This, Not That", but I think this one is even better because it's more practical. Full of interesting facts about food and some great recipes comparable to those found in restaurants, but with less fat, sodium, etc. Love, love it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Break Pt. 1

Let me first say that my camera is dying a slow death; so it's casting a pinkish hue with streaks on all my photo's. I guess I know what I am buying with my tax refund!

Spring break so far has been ideal. I'm really not wanting it to end. We decided not to go anywhere for spring break and just hang around here. So we haven't done a lot, but it's been very relaxing and we've gotten a lot done around the house.

We did make it up to Cave Creek to the Out West Art Fest. Art Festivals are always kinda hit or miss. They can be really commercial, or really about the art. We were lucky that this art fest was a pretty good one. We had a great time and the kids didn't break anything, yay!

Danielle is an art lover! She was lucky enough to inherit Dan's art abilities!

For some reason there are always a lot of dogs at art festivals, so Avie was a happy camper, she loves, loves, loves dogs!

I bought a print by an artist named Patricia Wyatt, very cool.

Rayce was just happy to have some pizza and be able to bring his gun!

We were also able to go hike the White Tank Mountains. It was more like a walk, the trail wasn't steep at all, but it turned out to be much more beautiful than I thought it would be. It has been raining so much that everything was so green (well, green by Arizona standard) and there was water flowing in the canyon!

My crappy camera just doesn't do it justice. The saguaro were so dense in some places and it was incredibly green. What a fun day!

Darn camera!

That's a little better.
Rayce didn't care to have his picture taken, not when there was plenty of water to get soaking wet in! Danielle is still mad at us for going without her, too bad her and Dan can't be on spring break at the same time.