Sunday, June 5, 2011

13 Days, 2579 Miles

Now that our time in Arizona is drawing to a close, we keep getting asked where we are going to live? Well, the short answer is "wherever the Air Force sends us." Dan will owe them three years of active duty service when he graduates, but after that we have to figure out where we want to live and set up a dental practice. We had heard some pretty great things about a place in California called San Luis Opisbo (AKA SLO). It's in the heart of wine country right smack between LA and San Fransisco, ten miles or so in from the coast. Because Dan had a couple of weeks off from the clinic we decided to road trip up to SLO and then head to Utah to see our nephew graduate high school. (Never mind that it meant 30+ hrs in the car with a pre-schooler and a toddler and never mind that it costs us around 75 buck a roos to fill up our vehicle!)

One of the many cool vineyards along the way.

We didn't stay in SLO, we stayed on the coast at Pismo Beach about 10 miles away, our hotel had great beach access.

The kids wanted to go as soon as we got in town.

The stairs down were so steep! There was a sign that said "The view isn't going anywhere, watch your step!"

It was a tad bit cool, nevertheless,the kids did a little posing..

...a little frolicking in the ocean...

...and a little sand castle construction.

The next day it was time to go check out San Luis Opisbo and see if it was a place we could see ourselves living.
The verdict was unanimous, we all decided it is definitely a place we could call home. The mild winters and proximity to the ocean don't hurt...just saying.

This is the old mission in the center of town, Danielle thought it felt like a haunted mansion.

The chapel inside the mission.

This place is definitely the antithesis of AZ.

A few other adventures we had along the way:

Rayce loved the ocean, here he is after getting rocked by a giant wave at Morro Bay. Avie spent the rest of the night repeating "Raycey rolled in the ocean".

Here he is the next day after getting sand in his eyes! I know what you're thinking "what kind of mother reaches for her camera instead of comforting her son?", ummm, yep I'm that mother.

Morro Bay, a small but very cool place. That's Morro rock in the back ground.

Avila Beach, an even smaller and even cooler place.

Danielle couldn't get enough!

It feels so odd to be thinking about these life altering decisions, I'm not sure we're mature enough to make these choices! Even if we don't end up in California it was a cool experience and in a weird way it put my mind at ease to know I could like a place as much as we like Sugarhouse. Dan was quick to remind me that we'll be happy wherever we go, 'cause we'll be together...I agree!


Cass said...

Such fun pictures! I know what you mean, Kev keeps asking me if we're grownups yet....

Valerie Hall said...

Love the pictures! I am sad we missed out!

Steve Christensen said...

a pirates life for me.... always great to see you.

K&S said...

So fun! Very cute pics! We were just in San Diego and took the kids to all sorts of stuff but their favorite was the beach! When do you guys find out where the Air Force is sending you?

Miss Bear said...

I would certainly be happy in a place like that!! Now, you just need to head to NC for the air force, then you can do Cali. :)

bematheson said...

Fun! I still don't want you guys to go! Id for sure come visit you there! :)