Sunday, June 12, 2011

More CA, UT Pics

A few more pictures from our trip:

We stayed at the Marriott right beside Thanksgiving Point, so Avie and I went over to the petting zoo one day. She developed an affinity for a certain black goat while we were there, until she decided they were smelly and we moved on.

Thanksgiving Point also had an incredible blown glass art exhibit, and the kids were able to make their own blown-glass flowers!

I didn't get there in time with the camera to get some shots of Danielle, but I made it to see our nephew Ben take his turn, pretty cool, if it wasn't so pricey I would of done it to.

Danielle and cousin Atticus at the Thanksgiving Point Deli, Atticus got the ice cream cone known as "The Tower"...I wonder why? PS. He almost polished off the whole thing!

Rayce and cousin Claira

Driving on the beach at Oceano State Park in Cali, it's the only beach in Cali to allow motorized vehicles. Rayce felt the need to remind Dan to not drive into the ocean, repeatedly!

Stopping in Kanab on the way home for a bite to eat and to indulge the kids in a bit of old west culture.

I have no words for this

Rayce thought himself pretty tough posing with his toothpick!

I'm ashamed to admit I didn't get any pictures of our time with our friends the Christensen's in California OR of our nephew Ricky graduating high school! Hopefully they'll forgive me and know we love them and thank them for letting us stay at their home and Ricky...We love you and are so proud, congratulations!!!


Cass said...

The Kanab pics are hilarious!

bematheson said...

Awesome! I love the one of rayce and danielle with the head cut ins lol!