Saturday, October 12, 2013


This weekend we went to Chuson-ji in Hiraizumi town to see a cluster of Buddhist temples. It has a fascinating history dating back to 850 AD. It's about a three hour drive from the base, and when I say three hours, it would be way closer in the states but because the speed limits are lower here it takes a bit longer. We took a tour arranged by the base so we wouldn't have to worry about filling up off base. Gas prices here are by the liter and it can get pricey.
We saw a bunch of these cool looking spiders as we walked up the path to the temple.

The pictures wont do this place justice, it's so beautiful with all the tall cedars and maple trees. I imagine when the leaves change colors here, it's amazing.
This is Konjikido (The Golden Hall), it was built in 1124. It is constructed of gold, shell, and wood. Because it is a national treasure we couldn't take pictures of it.
This is what it looks like inside, I found this image on the internet. It's amazing! You can tell it's so old but has been preserved.

Cool thatched roof
The construction used may make it look like it's all the same building or couple of buildings but there are 15 or more structures here, different halls and temples. I took too many pictures for one post, part II to come.

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So fun to see your adventures!