Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to Misawa AB

So when we first heard we were coming to Japan we were anxious to live off base, with the locals, nestled in the community...then we heard it wasn't an option. We had to live on base. I didn't think I would like it. Like most other things I was wrong, living on base has been a huge blessing and it's quite nice.
This is base housing, there are two housing areas, one on main base and about ten minutes north is where we live on north base. It's very nice and quiet.
This is the base "beach", not bad right? The real beach is about 15 minutes away but this one is great and they have kayaks and boats and jet skis and it only a two minute drive from our house.
This is the maximum speed here on base, but it's not miles per hour, no it's kilometers, so I think it's about 45 miles per hour. Pretty slow, and this is only a small stretch for the most part it's 30-40 kilometers on base.
These stone shrines are all over the base.
Yep, we got a van, everyone here has vans, and not just regular vans. I'll have to post a picture sometime, but it's like a van that looks like it could eat another van, they're lifted with big racks on the front, pretty mean looking, but we opted for the regular van. Dan calls it a living room on wheels. I still can't believe he let us get one!
Yeah, we like it here.


Miss Bear said...

Looks awesome Lins! Corey is super jealous..this would be his dream location!! Keep up the posts, I love catching up on your fam!

Linsey said...

I will for sure, I love following your blog :)