Friday, November 8, 2013

Sea Glass

With parent teacher conferences we couldn't go far from base but we tried to cram in some sea glass hunting before we had to be back to meet with Danielle's teacher.
We went a little over an hour north near shipwreck beach.

We found lots of treasures including a couple of crabs and loads of sea glass.

This is a sad picture but it's the reality of what man has done to our environment. So many of the beaches here in Japan and elsewhere are completely polluted! It's heartbreaking! There are many nice beaches here but also some that are not.

I was able to convince Rayce to leave his crab behind, but we came home with lots of other treasures.


Reagan Family said...

I love sea glass....I think it is so beautiful! Looks like you guys are enjoying it in Japan!! Your kids are beautiful! Miss you all!

Linsey said...

Thanks Annie, we miss seeing you guys :)