Saturday, December 14, 2013


Danielle turned 12 on Thursday! My oldest is growing before my eyes by leaps and bounds and the young lady she is becoming has far exceeded any expectations we had of her.
I don't know what my problem is, but throwing birthday parties is not my favorite so I tried to bribe this one out of birthday party just as I did last week with Rayce, and again it didn't work. But Danielle is pretty low maintenance, all she really wanted to do was take a bunch of friends to Shimoda Mall.
Dan came with me and we braved the mall with 6 pre-teen girls.
It wasn't bad at all, the girls went their own way and Dan and I went ours. They went in search of jewelry, and other typical girlie things, and Dan and I went for food of course!
Dan ordering lunch from a place called "Pepper Lunch".
It's hard to believe this is mall food-court food. The meat cooks on the hot skillet, it's delicious.
Lots of choices for soft serve and tapioca ball drinks.
The girls fared great, they know enough Japanese to make their purchases. Danielle got a cute panda blanket and Jewelry. We are so grateful for this girl, Happy Birthday Danielle!!!

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