Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little Stir Crazy

Man, it's been a busy couple of weeks with birthday parties and Dental Squadron events and just the bustle of the holiday season. I start getting a little antsy to get off base and explore. I knew we wouldn't be able to go anywhere on Saturday so I took the kids Thursday for a short little outing to Shimoda park.
Every year about this time migrating swans from Siberia make a stop here in Japan and you can find many at swan park.
Well, we must have been too late, there was one swan.
He was a lovely swan and very eager for the kids' bread, and luckily the rest of the park is pretty cool. I think we were all glad to get off base for a bit.
The lookout tower was closed so we couldn't make the trek up, but it was still a great view.

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