Saturday, January 25, 2014


I turned 33 on MLK day. Yikes, I am really in my thirties now, almost mid thirties! Dan was on call again so we stuck around here.
Our first stop of the day was Lawson Station, it's kinda the equivalent of circle k, but again, much better in our opinion.
We had to get some steamed buns. These are kinda a Japanese staple, they steam the bread so its light and almost rich and fill them with all sorts of yummy stuff. I get the pizza bun, Dan loves the pork stuffed buns.
We ended up in Hachinohe again looking for ski's for Dan and I and also at our favorite (so far) curry restaurant Coco's.
We didn't find any ski's but found some cheap snowboards so we thought we'd give it a shot. I haven't snowboarded since high school, and Dan has never so it should be very interesting. Hopefully, I can remember somewhat what I'm doing. Cheers to being 33!

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