Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do We Even Realize?

I think I may be able to safely say that my generation and those younger do not have a grasp of what is involved in preserving our precious freedoms. Aside from 9/11 and the gulf wars we have never seen war or sacrifice and what we have seen, most of us, have been far removed from it. I don't think the average American, especially of the younger generations, appreciate fully the cost of freedom. Steps are taken everyday to ensure that we continue to enjoy our day to day lives the way we have always known.
My sweet hubby and the rest of the Misawa Air Base is participating in "the exercise", as it is called. They do this four times a year. All sorts of situations are simulated to prepare our military here for any possible threat. My husband is a dentist for the Air Force but he is not exempt from these trainings and I am grateful. I hope everyone is grateful, we are free, for now, and I pray we always remain that way.

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