Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Week in Seoul

Considering how amazing Seoul is, it's surprising that it's taken me this long to blog about our visit, but, it's Thanksgiving week and we're busy. Seoul is an amazing city, pretty you could say, reminded me of San Fransisco a bit with its hills. Seoul is usually more temperate than here in Misawa but the week we chose to go it was colder than here. It was high 40s to low 50s pretty much the entire time but the fall colors I think we're at their peak, so not a bad week considering.
We stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge, it's on an army installment right in central Seoul.
The first place we visited was the war museum.
It is a really impressive building.
Rayce thought this place was pretty cool!
The inside was pretty impressive too, but the kids could probably pass and explore the outside all day. Next we went to a Buddhist temple and they had a chrysanthemum festival going on! I was so excited because we missed the one here in Hirosaki to go to the salmon festival.
This was day 1. More to come!

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