Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Halloween

We had such a fun Halloween week, and then we get to the actual event...and I don't take a single picture! We ended up escorting some Japanese kids on base to trick-or-treat and they love it!! We hear they look forward to it all year, and it was fun to see all these cute Japanese kids running from house to house.
But, before Halloween night I took some pictures of our week:
We started with our cookie decorating. I made the dough and that's about it, the kids did everything else. Also, we may have had a flour fight...Danielle got me in the face!
And then there was pumpkin carving.
Avie and her Kindergarten class was asked to dress up as storybook characters, Avie wanted to dress as Olivia the Pig. She looked darn cute!
Then, her class had a costume parade with some Japanese friends.
The kids had Halloween day off from school and Dan took the day off from the clinic so we took our bikes and went to Statue of Liberty Park.
I might have to make the kids put on their costumes one more time to take a picture; Rayce was batman, Avie, a vampire, and Danielle was Oscar the Grouch.

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