Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bali-Day 3

Day 3 in Bali was special and really cool. We took our kids and visited a local orphanage. I didn't take many pictures, but the orphanage was amazing and overwhelming because there is such a need there. We ended up taking a couple of the kids with us to go grocery shopping for them. Grocery shopping for close to 90 kids! It's amazing and only through God's grace and donations that this place is able to operate.
Dan did a quick checking out of some teeth, I know he wished he had access to dental instruments to render care to some of these kids that needed it.
This little guy stayed with us the whole time, he made it hard for us to want to leave. The crazy thing is most of these kids are not orphans but their parents cannot afford them but will come visit them, so most of the kids are not eligible to be adopted.
We stayed at the orphanage for a while then went back to the resort we were staying at. I can't lie, it felt odd to go from this situation where there is such a need on almost every level back to our luxurious circumstances. I've reflected on this visit since we went and hope it had an impact on our kids as well that they understand how blessed they are and that, if they have the opportunity to help others, they should always render service, that it's the way to happiness in this life! This day I will always remember!

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