Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bali-Day 5

Day five, we had a driver pick us up from the hotel after breakfast and take us to two beaches that we're on the other side of the island. First we went to Pandawa Beach.
There was some sort of Hindu ceremony going on as we first walked up.
Our driver assured us this was a good beach for swimming; but the waves were huge! No way, I was going to let the littles in the water here!
This was a hopping day to be at Pandawa, there was a movie being filmed here, and also, some surfers practicing for a competition.
We stayed at Pandawa a couple of hours but the kids were too afraid to get in the water, so we asked our driver to take us to another beach that didn't have as big of waves, so he took us to a place called Dreamland.
And again, pretty big waves! It's okay, I assured the kids they wouldn't be swept out to sea and gradually they get in a little more and a little more.
Aside from the big waves, Dreamland was very pretty.
After leaving the beaches, the sun was starting to set so our driver took us to Uluwatu Temple to see the sunset. It's a popular place for tourists to watch the sun setting right next to the temple on the cliff. It was beautiful!
These guys were such troopers after a long beach day, they're awesome travelers. Just keep them fed.
The temple.
It was busy.
We stayed for sunset and then went for dinner, by the time we made it back to the room, we all crashed! Beautiful and fun day.

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