Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hirosaki Lantern Festival

This is our last half year in Japan and it's met with mixed emotions. My family and I will be forever grateful for the experiences and adventures we've experienced in our time here and amazed by the people we've met. We've truly felt this is where God has wanted us the last three years. Leaving will be hard but life is going on and we know we're not meant to live here forever. One thing we will miss about Japan immensely is their festivals. There are festivals all the time, in every season, in every weather. Yesterday we went to one of the winter festivals. On the grounds of Hirosaki Castle is the lantern festival. It was cool, and I love the way the Japanese embrace every season.
Hirosaki is a couple hours drive away, we got their about an hour before sunset.
In the springtime it's a cherry blossom filled moat, in winter a frozen moat.
Tubing hill.
snow sculptures.
We will also miss the festival food at the festivals.
Hirosaki Castle is in there somewhere.
Lots O lanterns!
This was a pretty area with lights on the trees and lanterns everywhere. They were giving the lanterns for guests to put out to display. I wish I would have asked what the lanterns represent.
My sweetheart and I! I'd say we'd be back to this one but we wont, we're moving before we would get the chance. Lots of changes coming up, we're going to enjoy our last bit here. We love Japan!

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