Monday, February 29, 2016

Volleyball and a Birthday

Volleyball season is upon us once more and it's been especially competitive this year. There are only three teams so they just keep playing each other over and over. Danielle's skills have improved so much and she's hoping to try out for the high school team next year.
Team Holy Guacamole greeting the competition!
We're a little biased toward number 6.
She's been working hard at her overhand serve, but until she gets it she has a pretty mean underhand.
Danielle got on the same team as her good friend, Julianna.
We also celebrated Avie Jo's 7th Birthday!! Yikes, this girl is getting big.
She had a big friend party at the craft store to paint ceramics and holy cow it was crazy! I told her she wasn't having another party for the next three years!
They had fun though. Thanks to big sister for the awesome cake!
Minute to win it games, these were popular. We should have done this the whole time, entertaining for the kids and for the adults watching them!

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