Friday, April 29, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

I convinced my family to put off going to HKD on Tuesday and go on Wednesday instead, because the weather was supposed to be better on Wednesday. But, when we walked out of our hotel on Wednesday morning to head to Disney it. was. pouring. Stupid forecasts! The forecast I looked at made it seem there might be a small shower in the morning, but no, it was a downpour and by the time the train pulled into the station I think I was in the doghouse with my family. But as we walked off the train and toward the park our spirits were renewed...hey, at least it was a warm rain.
Ready to go!
We got there a little bit early and waited under a pavilion for it to let up...then we realized it wasn't going to let up and made a run for it, and hopefully to find some ponchos.
This is HKD on a weekday, virtually empty, yes please.
And then we found ponchos, and then it stopped raining.
HKD is much smaller than other Disney parks, still for the diehard Disney fans it's enough to satisfy.
Like Tokyo Disney, HKD does the character Easter Eggs.
Tarzan's Treehouse and Jungle Cruise.
My beautiful Disney-loving teenager.
Oh Avie.
I was so excited to ride Mystic Manor after all I had read online, and it was okay, it was okay...the outside is really neat.
Then there's Toy Story Land!!
I think this was our favorite ride in the park! The kids and Dan rode it 4 or 5 times.
Rayce, me and Sis on the back row!
Avie LOVES Sophia the first!
Cranky teenage moment.
We ended the day with dinner and the fireworks show, rain and all it was a tremendous day. Disney doesn't disappoint. Doubt we'll make it back to HKD but so glad we went!

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