Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hong Kong

We flew out of Tokyo early morning the first day of Spring Break and landed at Hong Kong International Airport about 9:30 in the morning ready to spend that whole first day exploring the city. After two frustrating hours at the airport having trouble with our debit card and on the phone with our bank we had Hong Kong Dollars in hand and were finally ready to go.
After finding our hotel pretty easily we checked out the area around the hotel including the jade market.
We stayed in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong.
Later that night we made it over to Hong Kong Island to check out the tram and ride it to Victoria Peak. Hong Kong Island is amazing, clean, with spectacular skyscrapers and more greenery than you expect.
This is me trying to get a shot out the window of the city because sadly at the top of the peak it was so foggy, visibility was nonexistent.
Rayce and Avie with wax Bruce Lee.
The buildings here are pretty impressive; I've never been in another city quite like Hong Kong.
One of the many double-decker buses that occupy Hong Kong's streets. Hong Kong has one of the easiest and most accessible public transit systems of any city we've ever visited. More to come.

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