Friday, May 27, 2016

Flight of the Nelsons

Our last day in Chiang Mai we went ziplining with Flight of the Gibbon just outside Chiang Mai. We had done a little in Bali but not this many lines and not as long, the longest line here was 800 meters! It was pricey, one of the more expensive things we did, after the fact though, I'm so glad we went. We had a great day and I think the kids will remember it well.
All harnessed up.
We all got a kick watching Avie Jo, she just dangled there on her harness. But hey, she seemed to be enjoying herself.
There were a series of suspension bridges connecting the stations. Rayce said he felt like Indiana Jones.
And then there were the gibbons. I thought it was just the name of the company, but they really do make their home in the forest, and to see them was an added bonus.
Pretty cute, right?! But keep your distance, these guys are pretty territorial. This was taken with a zoom lens.
This was the longest line of the day and we went tandem. I think this is the closest Danielle and Rayce had been to each other in a while.
We could hear Danielle scream the moment her feet left the platform...or maybe that was Rayce?
Mom's turn.
My favorite picture of the day!
Back on the ground.
Can you see the tree snake?
After our adventure they fed us a delicious lunch with some accompanying music.
Before taking us back to our hotel they took us to a local waterfall.
Incredible day, more to come, next and final stop, Bangkok.

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