Friday, July 8, 2016

A Visit

Our three nephews made it to town a couple of weeks ago so we got to show them around Misawa and Northern Japan a little. It was a very well timed trip because we got to see a few sites for the last time before we move next month. Our first stop was a festival in Aomori City.
These boys were up to trying anything whether it be a site or foods, made it really easy on us!
Festival yakisoba, yum.
We were kinda far back from the parade but could still see mostly everything, like the taiko drums.
And the super awesome Nebuta Floats.
Next up was the Oirase Gorge. This was the very first place we came to visit when we moved to Japan and we got a little sentimental thinking this would probably be our last visit. But, very cool that it was with family.
Last stop was Kakunodate and the samurai houses. I hadn't been here since 2013 so I was very happy to go again before we move. It's a gorgeous town with loads of history.
It's called 'little Kyoto' I think because it hearkens back a bit to old Japan.
Beautiful day in Kakunodate. What fun it was to have family visit!

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