Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Sunset

Today is our last day in Misawa, Japan, yes, it's really happening. I can't believe our three years is over and now we're going back Stateside to make a go at private practice. Dan and I are really excited for this next chapter but, we will miss Japan immensely. Crazy to think that three years ago I cried when I found out we were moving here, and not happy tears. I wouldn't trade our time here for anything. A couple of Sunday's ago, after our family walk I took some time for myself down at the base lake to take some photos of the beautiful sunset!
Misawa summers can be so overcast so this was such a treat.
We feel so blessed and grateful for so many things, at the top of our list is our adopted home, Japan, and also our home-home, America. Here's to new beginnings, ha, I think I said that three years ago!

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