Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally, Some Down Time.

Thank goodness for summer vacation, that's all I can say. We are finally getting a chance to relax, and actually spend some time as a family, and with some great friends. This last week has consisted of swimming lessons, more swimming with friends and a lot of BBQing. Our friends, the Christensen's have an amazing backyard pool that we have been fortunate to frequent these hot Phoenix days. The kids are having so much fun, and wearing themselves out at the same time, which is a huge plus. We've only had one incident so far, and that was Danielle getting stung by a bee while she was swimming in the pool. Dan told her it was a thorn so she wouldn't freak out as much. She still lost it for a good 45 minutes. Bee stings hurt, believe me I know. Poor girl, I finally told her it was a bee sting since I didn't think she could possibly lose it any more than she already had. I was wrong. So, we found out the hard way that she is not allergic to bee stings, and her finger is all right. I tried to get a picture of her swollen finger to put on the blog, but Danielle screamed at the top of her lungs that she just wanted to forget it ever happened. I can respect that, so no picture. Although, I did get a great shot of Austen and Rayce hanging out in their diapers, which I'm sure they'll appreciate when they're older. Austen has since been potty trained...Rayce has no interest.
Swimming lessons are coming along great. Danielle got a new pair of goggles and is now putting her whole head in the water. I have to admit I still plug my nose when going underwater (haha), so I am so proud of her. She may turn into a fish yet. Rayce is loving swimming too, especially with his friend Austen. Avie is not the biggest fan of the water, but she seems to enjoy falling asleep by the pool! Don't worry mom, she's never left unattended! (I know what she's thinking looking at that picture of Avie). Dan headed back to school yesterday to start studying for the boards and it's been really hard to let him go. It's nice to not have to parent alone. I had almost forgotten what it was like to eat meals together, all of us. The boards are kind of the last big hurdle for him for the next little while. So I guess we can give him a couple of hours a day to prepare. Good luck Dan, don't study too hard...cause I need all the help I can get!


HEATHER said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. Your family is truly beautiful. I'm glad I can keep up on you all this summer!

Brie Wheelwright said...

Good luck, Dan!
If it makes you feel better, it's freezing here in Utah. And I am totally missing the gym.

Dave and Leilani Christensen Family said...

You guys make our pool look MAHVELOUS!!!

~Big Dave