Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Potty Training 101

One of the definitive truths I've found being a mother of three, is that having more than one kid in diapers really is about as fun as it sounds. I feel like changing diapers takes up a healthy chunk of my day, which I could be spending doing something other than changing diapers. I also know that I am lazy, and it would require effort to potty train Rayce. So thus far I haven't been trying that hard. I figured when he was ready he would let me know. Dan must also think changing two sets of diapers is no fun, because he is actually taking measures to potty train Rayce; so enters the cars atop the fridge.

Rayce seems to have a slight obsession with Cars, the movie. He also has a couple of little cars from the movie, well, he lost his Lightening McQueen car so Dan replaced it with the tiny stipulation that Rayce couldn't have it, until he went poo poo on the potty. Dan ended up giving in after Rayce went pee pee on the potty (sucker). That's fine and I'm glad Rayce did it, but I don't mind changing the pee, it's the other stuff. Rayce ended up breaking that Lightening McQueen, so another new one sits atop the fridge, only to be given this time when he goes number two.

Avie experienced her first dip in the pool, and I think she liked it. She didn't scream anyway, so I assume she liked it. My friend Heather gave her the cutest swim suit. (Thanks Heather!)

Danielle made her goal of advancing to level three in swimming! She was very pleased with herself. As for Rayce, he ended up doing better in swimming than I thought. As long as Dan was actually in the water with him, he seemed to be okay. He even let his teacher help him a little.

What else we did this week:

A little soccer

A few chores

Some fun at the XRKade!

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