Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Danielle's dance recital was this last Saturday, and she did an amazing job. She had her very own part in the beginning of the dance, and she didn't seem at all nervous. Completely opposite of me when I was her age. Her class only had ten weeks to prepare, but they did so well, especially for such a large class. Dan and I couldn't be prouder. We feel so blessed to be her parents. I often feel like I learn way more from my kids than they ever learn from me. Maybe that's one of the great rewards of parenting, or biggest frustrations, depends on the day and kid. We signed up for another session of swimming lessons. Rayce moved up from a parent taught class to being with a teacher, and it's going okay other than the fact that he won't allow his teacher to touch him at all. He likes to be in the water, but he mostly wants to do his own thing and not worry so much about technique. Maybe they'll demote us back down to parent taught. Danielle remains in level 2 another session, but is determined to move up to the next level, we'll see. Avie is talking up a storm, and just keeps getting cuter and cuter, if that's possible. She doesn't care for her bouncer much, or her swing; she prefers to be carried around like the princess she is.
Dan is starting to get back into the rhythm of studying, and hopefully he can get these boards out of the way soon so he can have some sort of a summer break.


Kip said...

So...I had no clue that you guys had a blog...I just discovered it, because I saw that you guys visited ours! And oh my that cute little Avie is adorable! :0) Thanks for checking up on us, I will for sure be checking up on you! I hope that all is well!

Jill said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great summer. I'm finally back from Ut and can't wait to see you guys.