Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

We had a great Labor Day weekend. I love three day weekends, although they seem to go by faster than regular two day weekends.

Saturday we finally got a substantial amount of rain. It cooled temps down enough to where we could be outside for more than ten minutes. We spent most of the day outside riding bikes, playing with sidewalk chalk and eating popsicles.

On Labor Day we met up with some Dental School friends to have a BBQ. The house had a really great pool with water slide. Danielle spent the first half of the time contemplating whether she had the guts to go down it. After a little peer pressure she gave it a try. She then spent the rest of the time going down the slide.

Here is Danielle assessing whether or not it is worth the risk.

Here is Danielle conquering her fear.

And again...

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HEATHER said...

Smim days are slimming down. I say make a party of it for as long as we can! See you soon!