Saturday, September 26, 2009

7 Months

It's amazing the things that can happen in the course of a month's time. Avie is seven months today and is blowing me away every day. From a month ago she is crawling all over the place, sitting on her own, loving solid food (especially bananas and pears), and sleeping through the night.
Her eczema is still raging, I'm afraid she'll have it for a while, but her skin looks much better than it used to. What an amazing little person she is, I know her skin makes her itchy a lot of the time, but she smiles through it all. She got the big bruise on her fore head trying to retrieve her binky from underneath the armoir.

She is becoming more and more interactive with Danielle and Rayce, and they absolutely love her to pieces. Danielle seems to have this special connection with Avie that is all their own. I hope this bond continues throughout their lives.

I am so grateful for my kids! They frustrate me and challenge me and complicate things and make things worthwhile and beautiful and meaningful at the same time. So many emotions, but mostly just love. I love them!!!

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