Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh No!

Let me preface this entry by saying this, I knew from the moment I found out that I was pregnant with Danielle that my kids would ride motorcycles, or that they would at least try it. Dan's dirt bike is a big part of his life, not as big as he would like it at the moment with school and all but anyway, I knew he would get his kids on a dirt bike in time...I didn't realize that time would be now.

My husband came across a great deal on a little fifty. He couldn't pass it up. He bought the bike thinking he would hide it until Christmastime. He also had one of his teachers at school give him an older bike that they weren't using anyone. So all of a sudden we go from zero motorcycles to two in two days. Dan decides to hide both bikes in the garage draped in shop towels and behind boxes. Well to make a long story short both bikes were found by Rayce within the span of a couple of days. I'm pretty sure Rayce now thinks about motorcycles 24/7. That first day he wouldn't get off of it, and since he wears diapers and hardly eats, he really had no reason to. He tells everyone he knows or will listen about "his" motorcycles. Apparently Danielle has no ownership here whatsoever. So here we are, I'm sure with more blogs to come of mishaps and injuries although I know how seriously Dan takes the safety of his kids, so that makes me feel a tiny bit at ease, but I'm sure any mother understands.

Not the best of hiding places.

Dan "test" riding the bike.

Danielle smiling while Rayce is throwing a fit that she is on "his" motorcycle.

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Monica said...

So fun! I love the one with Rayce on the motorcycle just smiling away. He looks like a natural.