Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birthday and Shrines and Festivals

Dan's birthday was on Monday!! He had the day off from the busy clinic so we could go and hang out. It was such a beautiful day, gorgeous weather, very relaxing. I'm lucky Dan enjoys seeing new things in Japan as much as I do. He only had two requirements, one was eating at Kappa Sushi and the other going to the Oirase Gorge. First though he indulged me a bit by stopping by an Azalea Festival in Shichinohe.
The Azalea festival was just a hill covered in Azalea's leading up to a local shrine. But beautiful and worth the stop. Have I mentioned the Japanese have festivals for everything?! We're really lagging behind in the states.
The birthday boy was not posing for any pictures.
And then onto the gorge, it is lovely as ever.
My camera battery died shortly after we got to the gorge, darn. I didn't charge it again before we went to Kappa Sushi but I'll have to bring it next time. The sushi is on a conveyor belt that goes throughout the restaurant and you just take what you want. The kids thought it was awesome but didn't really want to try anything. Danielle tried her first real sushi but not sure if she liked it or not. What a fun day!

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