Friday, May 2, 2014

Disney Pt. 2

Here are some pictures from our second day at Disney. We went to the Disney Tokyo park that day and the other two days I decided to leave my camera at the hotel. It was work toting that thing around, and I was afraid I might break it.
This was in the morning right before we left for the day, not a bad view from our room.
It was another overcast day, very lovely weather.
We spent two days at Disney Tokyo and both mornings found us at The Great American Waffle Company for some Mickey shaped waffles, yum!
Watching the Easter parade from Dumbo. It's kinda funny the Japanese celebrating Easter since most of them are not Christian, but it was fun for us.
Minnie's house. Avie so wanted to meet Minnie but we couldn't find her. So Avie left a note for her in her house.
Mickey had to do, so we waited in line to meet him.

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