Tuesday, January 26, 2010

11 Months

Avie Jo is 11 months today!

Maybe I haven't mentioned it yet, but this baby is a hand full! She is the epitome of high maintenance. We sure do love her though, she adds so much to this family.

She's the first baby I've had that I don't think will be walking by 1 year. She doesn't seem to have much interest in learning how to walk, plus she just doesn't get put down that much!

Despite, my quest to get her to say "mama" first, she says "dada". She is stubborn, but oh so cuddly. I love this baby!


The PG Pixtons said...

I love the smile around the binkie! What a sweet girl--I wish I could squeeze her. Thanks for the comment, and you will never have to "do teeth". I think that Dan will have that covered!

Tono, Brielle, Bryton & Callie said...

Hey. Im glad you left a comment on our blog. I forgot that you said you had one. Avie is so cute! I will talk to Tono to see what his schedule is like so we can get together. Talk to you soon!