Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

The whole family got the flu a couple weekends ago. It was pretty yucky stuff, and very contagious! It didn't take long for it to run through the whole family. So being flu free this last weekend, Dan and I wanted to take the kids to do something fun. We thought that bowling would be something that everyone would enjoy. I made the mistake of not calling the bowling ally ahead of time, so we were unaware it was league night. League night on a Friday! Lame! Rayce was pretty beside himself that we couldn't stay and throw big heavy balls to knock stuff down, so we had to think of something else fast. We settled on going to Peter Piper Pizza to play video games. The kids had a lot of fun!

Rayce was so mesmerized by this game, I don't think he once pulled the trigger!
Now, some parents may think this sort of thing is a giant waste of money...and they would be absolutely correct. These places are the biggest rip off in the history of rip offs. Danielle would play these elaborate looking games where the only required action was pushing one button to determine how many tickets you would win. Dan and I had to hold our tongue's the whole night because the kids were having a blast, and sometimes they're worth wasting a little money on.
So $12.50 later we ended up with a plastic slinky, a pair of vampire teeth and a couple of flavored tootsie rolls! Hey, at least they didn't have a ball pit! Am I the only one that is creeped out by ball pits?

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K&S said...

Sounds like the kiddos had fun! Sorry about not getting back to you! Kor didn't get home until about 8:45. We do need to get together and do something some time soon! :)