Saturday, December 5, 2015


Raycey turned 9 years old this week! We had his birthday party today, 10 eight and nine year olds! I'm not the fun mom that has the birthday parties meticulously planned out (I wish I was), so we had cake and presents here and then to the movies to see The Good Dinosaur.
They were actually a really good group, but man, boys are loud...and kinda crazy!
Rayce atop his birthday throne.
We love this kid sooooo much, he is such a bright light in our house. He's a peacemaker, he's generous, his big heart must have a hard time fitting in his body. He hates it when things are not fair or any sort of injustice in the world. He doesn't like any raised voices in the house, he's very aware and concerned about world events. I always have to be careful what I talk about when Rayce is in the room because he gets very concerned and can get upset. He's a caring friend and protective brother to his sisters and is acutely aware of his parents' feelings as well. What would we do without our sweet boy?!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Cass said...

I still remember going to see a movie for like your 9th birthday or something. It was about a reindeer. :-) You have such a cute boy!