Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Day in Nara

Ah Nara, Japan's old, old, capital, before Tokyo and Kyoto. Looking back, only spending a half day in Nara was a bummer, we didn't have time to see much. What we saw was amazing, and if we ever get the chance to come back to Japan I would spend more time in Nara for sure. Having said that we still did get to see some cool stuff and I was satisfied with our visit.
We decided since we didn't have a lot of time we would focus on Todai-ji Temple. Everyone told me to make sure we went here, so that's where we went and along the way we saw, lots and lots of free roaming deer near Nara Park.
We had heard before hand that you can by 'deer crackers' to feed the deer, so as soon as we could we bought some to let the kids try. Oh boy, deer turn aggressive when you have something they want! Poor Avie Jo was watching her family get head-butted and charged and decided this activity wasn't for her!
Me keeping an arms distance.
We became pretty enamored with these deer but knew we had to keep moving so we could catch our train to Osaka later that day. We continued down the pedestrian road to Todai-ji.
Rayce trying to tell our friend that he was out of deer crackers.
Avie warmed up to them.
Inside Todai-ji is the largest wooden structure in the world! Inside the largest wooden structure in the world, is the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world! Whew, lots of big things!
This building is crazy cool!
Here's the giant Buddha, it's hard in picture to see how big it is, 52 feet high!
Soooo, this hole in this pillar is supposed to represent Buddha's nostril and it's good luck to crawl through...okay!
Man, Nara is cool! On to Osaka!

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