Wednesday, December 23, 2015


It's Christmas Eve in Japan! I should be sharing our activities for the day but since a stomach bug is making it's way through our family right now I'll post about happier going to Universal Studios Osaka on Thanksgiving day!
I don't have to say that this was our kids favorite day of our vacation, but yeah, temples and shrines and old buildings get old I guess. I guess.
I have to say though, this was one of my favorite days as well and I was so pleasantly surprised by USO. All the reviews I read said it was so busy and nothing is in English and everything is expensive, and it's hard to get in the Harry Potter experience. Sooo, I was second guessing our decision to go and I didn't bother to buy the fast passes that would have guaranteed entrance to the top rides. But, everything turned out wonderfully! It was definitely expensive, Rayce may have talked us into a ridiculously expensive wand at Ollivander's Wand Shop, and Avie may have gotten a furry Hello Kitty poncho that I can't type the price or I'll have shame, but, we had a great and fun day!!
They had really lovely Christmas music piped throughout the park the whole day, it was a nice start to the season.
So none of us had ever been to Universal Studios! First thing I ran (literally ran), to get our entrance tickets to Harry Potter Land. It doesn't cost anything extra but you have to have the tickets to get in. So I got them and we had about an hour and a half to kill before we could get in so, we went to Jaws The Ride because it was close. I was expecting an hour wait, just like I had read, but nope, right on!
Back to the Future, ugg, the only ride of the day that made me feel a little queasy.
Yay, we made it to Hogsmeade Village! Yeah, I get excited for Harry Potter the same way others do about Star Wars.
We were wondering why the rest of the park didn't seem that busy, it's because everyone was here!
We tried butter-beer with our lunch, it's delicious, and rich.
Mel's Diner from American Graffiti.
Avie Jo's absolute favorite ride! She loved to drive these little cars and did so about 10 times.
Great first day in Osaka, one more to go.

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