Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Shots of the Streets of Kyoto

We woke up Wednesday and had to say goodbye to our little Kyoto 'dollhouse'. We loved our time at this house and the location especially! So I woke extra early, even before the sun came out, to photograph these cool streets unoccupied.
Even the street lamps were still on.
You can see the top of Kiyomizu-dera Pagoda in the distance. I wasn't planning to walk all the way up here but, I knew this was my last chance and I'd only seen it after sunset.
Other photography enthusiasts had the same idea as me. Unfortunately I had only brought my close-up lens so I couldn't get all the shots I wanted.
Close up pagoda.
Good morning Kyoto!
We packed up, put the key back in the lock box and headed to the train station to our next destination...Nara.


Cass said...

You take the best pictures Lins!

Linsey said...

Thanks Cass! I annoy my family with how many I take.